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What is the length of standard pipes included in the minisplit?

The minisplit comes with 10 FT of tubing, you can order a longer one separately. In the product description you can find the diameter of the pipes, then you can check here:

What is Mini Split Multi-Zona or Multi-Split?

A Mini Split Multi-Zona System consists of two or more interior mini split units that are all connected to a single exterior or compressor unit.

What is a mini split with heat pump?

It is a mini split that in addition to cooling has the heating capacity.

What tell me the SEER of a Mini Split?

Seer is a coefficient that measures energy efficiency. The more kW they are generated by each KW consumed, the more efficient a team is. A SEER 2.0 would indicate that the system is capable of producing 2 kW of cold energy for each kW of energy spent.

This translates into practice as follows: The higher the SEER, the more efficient the cooling system should be.

What does the mini split we sell include?

The mini splits we sell include:

• Indoor unit (Air Handler)

• Outdoor unit (Condenser)

• Remote control

• Product and installation manual

• Free installation kit: Approximately 10 foot pine line kit with wire included, neoprene putty to seal holes, plastic pipe wrap, indoor wall bracket and drain pipe.

Is it necessary to vacuum extracting the lines?

Yes, it is the way to eliminate all moisture particles from the lines that are not compressible by the compressor. In this way the mini split has a longer useful life.

Can all mini splits be installed in the United States?

No, the mini splits to be installed in the USA must have certifications for it. Certifications are ETL Mark and AHRI.

ETL Mark – This is proof that your product has been independently tested and meets the applicable published standard. Represents Compliance with Electrical Safety Standards.

AHRI: Provides an accurate and unbiased evaluation of commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment (SEERs are defined here). To find out exactly any information on the Central Air System related to AHRI certification, you can locate it in the blue label of the published article or in the following link: https://www.ahridirectory.org

How long are the cables included in the mini split?

Communication cable: approx. 10ft.

Power cord: 6.7 ft.

What type of gas do this mini split need?Are the mini splits pre-charged with refrigerant gas?

Mini splits require R410A refrigerant gas and are pre-charged for approximately 25 ft. of lines. This type of refrigerant gas does not contribute to ozone depletion because it does not contain bromine or chlorine, it only contains fluorine.

How does a customer make use of the guarantee of a mini split?

To make use of the guarantee, the customer must register the unit in the link according to the brand of the mini split:

Gonichea (PREMIUM) https://www.gonichea.com/warranty/

EVERWELL https://everwell-ac.com/warranty/

DAIZUKI https://daizuki.com/warranty

Then they must seek advice from a professional HVAC to detect the problem or defective part and let us know to solve the problem as soon as possible. To initiate a warranty claim, the serial numbers of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are required.

What is a Mini Split?

A Mini-Split is an efficient and scalable way to add cooling or heating to specific rooms. Also known as airs and Mini-Split heaters without ducts, they consist of one interior units mounted on the wall, the floor or the roof connected to an outdoor compressor.

Does the mini split single-zona (a single interior unit) can become a multi-zone mini split?

No, the manufacturer does not design them to admit more than one interior unit. Keep in mind if you try to use the guarantee if the mini split is defective due to the use of parts not designed by the manufacturer or incorrect installation of the article.

What indicates the BTU of a mini split?

The acronym BTU means "British Thermal Unit." A BTU measures the amount of heat that an air conditioning unit can extract from a room. As the BTU classification increases, so do the size, weight and cost of air conditioning. This translates into practice as follows: the size of the premises will be directly proportional to the amount of BTU, that is, the larger (SQFT) the place to be heated, the more BTU the unit must have to install.

BTU recommended according to the room size:

  • 9000 BTU is used until 400 SQFT
  • 12000 BTU is used until 500 SQFT
  • 18000 BTU is used until 750 SQFT
  • 24000 BTU is used until 1000 SQFT
  • 36000 BTU is used until 1500 SQFT

What is mini split INVERTER?

INVERTER technology is the latest evolution in compressor electric motor technology. It is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, in order to continuously regulate the temperature. INVERTER air conditioning units have higher efficiency. The useful life of its parts is extended and sudden fluctuations in the load are eliminated. This makes the units quieter, with lower operating cost and fewer breakdowns. In practice this translates as follows: the compressor regulates its revolutions (increase or decrease) to maintain the room temperature, it does not turn off, and hence they are more economical than compressors without this technology because they save the consumption of energy resources for blaze up.

Do the mini splits include what is necessary to be installed?

Yes, but we always recommend our customers to vacuum extract the lines to give the mini split more useful life. Tools and accessories to vacuum the lines are not included.

Is it necessary the advice of an HVAC professional to install the mini split?

The mini split is easy to install, but we recommend that all our customers consult a professional HVAC to avoid damage to the installation that voids the article's warranty

What is the material of the lines?How long are they?

The lines are copper generallyand measure approximately 10 ft but We also offer longer pipes such as:15FT, 16FT, 25FT, 33FT and 50FT

What is the maximum length that the lines of a mini split can have?

The lines of a mini Split must measure a maximum of 50ft.

What is the guarantee of a mini split?

The mini splits have a 5-year warranty for the compressor and 2 years for the parts but unit must be enrolled.

My Orders

After buying, how long does it take for my order to arrive?

3 to 6 business days

When do we send mini Split without a pallet, that is, the boxes separately (FEDEX) does all the boxes arrives together?

Sometimes, for logistics reasons, FedEx delivers the boxes separately. It is very common for the costumer to worry when only one of the boxes arrives, in this case the second box is located and the estimated delivery date is informed.

What is the delivery time of the orders?

By our carriers the Estimated Time of Arrival is from 3 to 5 business days after shipping.

What carriers do we use to ship mini split orders?

Mini Splits are shipped by FEDEX, RL Carriers or SEFL (this information may change, it all depends on our contracts) When shipped via FEDEX, the boxes are loose as separate packages. When shipped by RL Carriers or SEFL all boxes are shipped on one pallet. There are several indicators to take into account to select the carrier: shipping cost, number of items and size of the items. The largest mini splits (24000btu and 36000btu) are always sent on a pallet.

When a customer orders a mini split +bracket for the outdoor unit, where is the bracket sent?

In this case, the wall bracket for the outdoor unit is always sent inside the box of the indoor unit and assumes the same tracking number as the indoor unit.

What is a tracking number?

The tracking number is shown on each shipping label each time it is generated; therefore, they will always be different. This allows you to track the order on the carrier's official website and find out its status and estimated delivery date

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Can I have an account in the system?

We are working on the development of the system to give you that option asap.

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