What indicates the BTU of a mini split?

The acronym BTU means "British Thermal Unit." A BTU measures the amount of heat that an air conditioning unit can extract from a room. As the BTU classification increases, so do the size, weight and cost of air conditioning. This translates into practice as follows: the size of the premises will be directly proportional to the amount of BTU, that is, the larger (SQFT) the place to be heated, the more BTU the unit must have to install.

BTU recommended according to the room size:

  • 9000 BTU is used until 400 SQFT
  • 12000 BTU is used until 500 SQFT
  • 18000 BTU is used until 750 SQFT
  • 24000 BTU is used until 1000 SQFT
  • 36000 BTU is used until 1500 SQFT