18000 BTU Air Conditioner Mini Split 14 SEER AC Ductless Heat Pump 220V

  • Full Installation Kit:to facilitate a basic installation, we sell a kit consisting of a matching condenser and evaporator units, a control remote, interconnection cables, and 3 m / 9.8 ft of Co-Al connecting pipes.
  • Gold Fin: this convenient technology will allow your equipment to have a longer functional life where traditional coil coatings fail; especially in high humidity and salinity environments that promote corrosion.
  • Noiseless technology:for an optimally silent operation.
  • Pre-charged with R410A, a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer
  • SLEEP and TIMER operations available to give you further power to schedule this mini split’s operations to your likings.
  • SUPER operation availableto accelerate the cooling timing of the room.
  • ECO operation is a programable feature that will make this mini split function with the intent to minimize its electrical consumption

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Additional information

  • Price (Local pickup): $0 USD
  • Cooling capacity: 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton ~750 sqft )
  • Heating capacity: 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton ~750 sqft )
  • Brand: Everwell
  • Model: MRTH1823X
  • SEER: 14.00
  • Power: 208-230V~60Hz, 1Ph
  • Pipe line: 1/4''-3/8''
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Indoor unit:
  • Model: MRTH1823E
  • Gross weight: 28.66 LB
  • Net weight: 22.04 LB
  • Box dimensions (in): 10.90 x 38.54 x 14.64
  • Product dimensions (in): 7.90 x 34.54 x 10.64
  • Anticorrosive: GoldFin
  • Outdoor unit:
  • Model: MRTH1823C
  • Gross weight: 81.57 LB
  • Net weight: 72.75 LB
  • Box dimensions (in): 23.03 x 33.77 x 14.01
  • Product dimensions (in): 18.03 x 30.77 x 11.01
  • Anticorrosive: GoldFin


Thank you for choosing EVERWELL to conditioning your room. We want to let you know that you installed a high technology equipment made under strictly quality control standards, that’s why EVERWELL offer a warranty of 5 years for the Compressor and 2 years in Parts.
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