18000 BTU Air Conditioner Mini Split 16 SEER INVERTER AC Ductless Heat Pump 220V


  • Full Installation Kit: to facilitate a basic installation, we sell a kit consisting of a matching condenser and evaporator units, a control remote, interconnection cables, and 3 m / 9.8 ftof copper connecting pipes.
  • Pre-charged with R410A, a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Gold Fin: this convenient technology will allow your equipment to have a longer functional life where traditional coil coatings fail; especially in high humidity and salinity environments that promote corrosion.
  • Noiseless technology:for an optimally silent operation.
  • SLEEP and TIMER operations available to give you further power to schedule this mini split’s operations to your likings.
  • SUPER operation availableto accelerate the cooling or heating timing of the room.
  • ECO operation is a programable feature that will make this mini split function with the intent to minimize its electrical consumption.

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Additional information

  • Brand: Everwell
  • Model: METH1823X-16
  • Cooling Rated Capacity: 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton ~750 sqft )
  • Heating Rated Capacity: 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton ~750 sqft )
  • Cooling SEER: 16.00
  • Power Supply: 220-230V~60Hz, 1Ph
  • Pipe line: 1/4''-3/8''
  • Refrigerant Type: R-410A
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Wifi: No
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Indoor unit:
  • Model: METH1823E-16
  • Gross weight: 28.66 LB
  • Net weight: 22.04 LB
  • Packing dimensions(WxDxH in): 38.54 x 10.90 x 14.64
  • Product dimensions(WxDxH in): 36.95 x 9.25 x 12.65
  • Pipe line: 1/4''-3/8''
  • Anticorrosive: GoldFin
  • Temperature display: F° & C°
  • UPC: 10Y9ANP200ZP20100529
  • Outdoor unit:
  • Model: METH1823C-16
  • Gross weight: 77.16 LB
  • Net weight: 68.34 LB
  • Packing dimensions(WxDxH in): 33.77 x 23.03 x 14.01
  • Product dimensions(WxDxH in): 31.65 x 20.25 x 12.35
  • Pipe line: 1/4''-3/8''
  • Anticorrosive: GoldFin
  • UPC: 115KAWNC00ZNC1600162


This comprehensive warranty is extended to you by Gonichea, the exclusive distributor of Premium Levella brand air conditioning
products throughout the United States. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing peace of mind with our high-
quality products.

While registration is not mandatory for the Basic Warranty, we strongly encourage you to register your product promptly to unlock the
full benefits of our Standard Warranty. You have a generous window of up to 60 days post-purchase to register your equipment. Failure
to register within this period will still grant you coverage for 1 to 10 years depending on the purchased product.

Standard Warranty: Everwell Efficiency 16 SEER Series Inverter+ ductless mini split heat pump system has 5 years warranty in compressor and 2 years warranty in parts. 

Basic Warranty: 1 year warranty in compressor and 1 year warranty in parts.  Applies when the system is not registered before 60 days post-purchase.


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Warranty Policy:


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