3 TON 17.5 SEER INVERTER Ducted Central Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System



    • Indoor Unit Features:
      • Insulated Cabinet – Galvanized steel with paint on all panels. Thermal insulator cover all inside panels to reduce heat and cooling losses and prevent condensed water accumulation
      • Coil – “A” shape coils, constructed with copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins
      • Motor & Blower – Brushless Inverter DC motor with high energy efficiency and low noise. Motor is covered with thermal insulator, keep motor running in safety status
      • Expansion Devise – Use TXV as expansion device
      • Filter Optional – Detachable air filter for cleaning or renewal
      • Multi-position Installation– Versatile 4-way convertible design for vertical up airflow, horizontal right airflow
      • Functions: Auto Re-Start, Timer, Dehumidifier
    • Outdoor Unit Features:
      • Pre Charged with R410a environmentally friendly refrigerant
      • 24-36 KBTU use AC motor, 48-60 KBTU use DC Inverter motor
      • 24V low voltage control
      • World famous compressor with quick reactivity, stronger and stable operation
      • Intelligent defrost programs – unit will choose different defrost program according to real condition
      • Gold Fin: this convenient technology will allow your equipment to have a longer functional life where traditional coil coatings fail; especially in high humidity and salinity environments that promote corrosion.
      • Painted galvanized steel cabinet
      • Condenser coils constructed with copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins
      • Refrigerant cooling PCB – The refrigerant pipeline cooling is used to cool the electronic control board. Make the circuit temperature more stable and the operation life longer
      • Use EXV as expansion device for outdoor unit in heating mode
      • AHRI Certified and ETL Listed for quality assurance
      • Winter Proof. The condensing unit’s heating operation can function at full capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as 19°F/-7°C, and could operate at half capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -13°F/-25°C

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