24000 BTU Air Conditioner Mini Split 18 SEER INVERTER AC Ductless Heat Pump 220V


This Inverter Mini-Split has 24,000 BTU in cooling & heating capacity and 18 SEER in efficiency. It works with a power supply source of 208~230V/60Hz and R410A refrigerant which does not contribute to ozone depletion.


This equipment includes Blue Fin technology to provides protection against corrosion in environments where traditional coil coatings fail. It has Full Inverter Technology which makes the A/C units quieter, and consume less energy in comparison to other technologies.


In addition, this product is AHRI approved and certified with the ETL Mark, to bring you peace of mind about the product quality.


Thanks to its WiFi Technology, you can connect your mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, through the internet to your Mini-split and control it wherever.


In order to facilitate installation, this Mini-Split includes a Full Installation Kit, which includes the condenser and evaporator units, a control remote, interconnection cables, and enough copper connecting pipes for a standard installation.


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Additional information

  • Price (Local pickup): $1048.00 USD
  • Cooling capacity: 24500 BTU (~2 Ton ~1000 sqft )
  • Heating capacity: 24000 BTU (2 Ton ~1000 sqft )
  • Brand: Daizuki
  • Model: DXTH24X426-20
  • SEER: 18.00
  • EER: 9.50
  • HSPF: 10.00
  • Power: 220V~60Hz
  • Pipe line: 1/4''-1/2''
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Certifications: AHRI, ETL
  • Anticorrosive: BlueFin
  • Indoor unit:
  • Model: DXTH24E426-20
  • Gross weight: 46.29 LB
  • Net weight: 34.47 LB
  • Box dimensions (in): 49.68 x 16.53 x 13.26
  • Product dimensions (in): 46.68 x 12.53 x 9.26
  • UPC: 655360976313
  • Outdoor unit:
  • Model: DXTH24C426-20
  • Gross weight: 110.23 LB
  • Net weight: 99.20 LB
  • Box dimensions (in): 36.22 x 14.96 x 27.51
  • Product dimensions (in): 31.22 x 11.96 x 24.51
  • UPC: 655360830851


Thank you for choosing DAIZUKI to conditioning your room. We want to let you know that you installed a high technology equipment made under strictly quality control standards, that’s why DAIZUKI offer a warranty of 5 years for the Compressor and 2 years in Parts.
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